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During the second year , at The Kubert School, I heard Marvel Comics was looking for Bullpen Letterers. Nobody at the school seemed interested in that...but I was!!! I took my Hy Eisman's lettering assignments to Marvel and got hired on the spot by Virginia Romita.

At Marvel, I had the chance of showing the editors I could also draw. Based on a caricature I did of Dave Sharpe, Pat Garrahy gave me Daredevil # 328 to pencil. Based on Dagon, Richard Ashford gave work on Marvel Comics Presents: "Spellbound". I got so busy that I had to quit the Bullpen in order to meet my Deadlines.

Pat Garrahy moved to DC and offered me to pencil Deathstroke. At DC I had my hand in many characters: Guy Gardner, Steel, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Young Heroes in Love, Blue Beatle, Batman, Azrael and others. A more comprehensive list of my comic book work can be found in my checklist.

There was a time when I was not too busy... so I called my old pal Joe Kubert, who gladly hired me as an instructer at his school where I taught various courses such as Methods, Basic Drawing, Color,Paste Ups, Story Adaptation, Caricature and Life Drawing during my 7 consecutive years as a Teacher.

It has been a fun life, to say the least!!! One of the most rewarding things to me has been seeing some of my students breaking in the business!!! Like the song says: "It's the circle of life!!! A great number of people has helped me to get where I am today...and I believe I have helped a few people to get to higher places too!!!

I hope you enjoy my site. It's not suppose to be perfect, but simple! It's my way of sharing a bit of what I am. The guy on the menu bar is Seven, created in my animation class, while a student.

Special thanks goes to our Creator, who gave us life and talents to be put to good use, to my Lovely wife Luzia, a true believer in me, to Rick Celano, who taught me the first steps in Web Design and to Madscuzzy, a student from one of my classes that prefered to remain anonymous. He helped me put the pieces together and taught me the next steps of this wonderful, and sometimes very frustrating world of HTML!!!

"What does the worker gain from his toil? I have seen the burden God has laid on men. He has made everything beautiful in its time,"
( Ecclesiastes 3: 9a )