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(w)-Writing. (c)-cover. (i)-inks. (p)-pencils. (p+i)-pencils & inks.(cl)-colors.(l)-letters.

Positions Held: Writer, Penciler, Inker, Letterer, Illustrator, Caricaturist, Colorist, Painter, and Instructor at The Joe Kubert School of Cartoons and graphic Arts and Joe Kubert's World of Cartooning Correspondence Courses.

Education:Word Of Life Bible Institute, The Joe Kubert School of Cartoons and Graphic Arts.


2009-The Lone Ranger awarded Best Western Comic by "True West Magazine!

2007-The Lone Ranger -Will Eisner nominee for Best New Series!

2005 1st Prize Winner in the First International Christian Comics Professional Division Competition for a 2 Page, Black &White Entry "NO PROFIT!" ( Second Version of Ecclesiastes 5 found in this site, ETC, page 4.). Interesting thing: I was voted winner on the day of my Birthday-- April 23rd. Same day I was donating one of my cars to a very dear Pastor, friend of mine. God is so Awesome!

7 Consecutive yrs of Teaching at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoons and Graphic Arts, Dark Horse Scholarship winner for Kubert School while a student there.

Revamped Deathstroke, for DC Comics, starting with issue # 41 .Issue # 46 sold 70.000 copies.( Good Old Days. My first big Royalty check.)

Mini 6 Issues Series- -Creator Owned Property: Iron Ghost, with Chuck Dixon---Across The Pond Comics and Image Comics...First Issue released on April 20th, 2005. Sold over 13000 copies, breaking into top 200 Comic Books List at 168.

Recent/Current Projects:

The Lone Ranger! With Dynamic Forces! Issue# 1 SOLD OUT!!!-2007 Will Eisner nominee for best New Series. Winner of Best Western Comic in 2009 by "True West Magazine)

Short Stories here and there...

"The Action Bible" with David C.Cook Communications to be released September 2010!

Creator Owned Series with writer Gary Martin for Zondervan/Zonderkids/Harper Collins!-- Son of Samson, the judge of God! eight books.

On the works Projects:

Creator Owned Property Ravenwulf, with Christopher Mills.

Creator Owned Property AKOTA, with Chuck Dixon.

Past Projects:

Lane Morgan Media/Arcadius Press-- Story of the Saints series! St. Nickolas, St. Ava, St. Methodius...

Lazy Town and other anonymous projects for http://artifactgroup.com/

Tales of Terror-IDW-(p+i).

Students of the Unusual Short Story:Connect the Dots!, with Terry Cronin(p+i+l+cl)- To be released at Megacon 2005.

Marvel Role Playing Games Cards: (p+i)

Metal Locus(P+I)---written by Keith Champagne--ATP Presents

On going various Commissions for various Clints in the Globe!

Sojourn# 34,Scion # 42, Lady Death # 10, El Cazador/Black Jack Tom,The Path, Crux # 28-33--Crossgen

Comic Strip Chip Tracer for Newsday Newspaper- The Presidential Race of George W. Bush and Al Gore-(p+i)

Batman Raw Power+Others-DC Licensing Department(p+i)

Azrael # 69-100- inked covers by Scott McDaniel, penciled and inked issues # 77, 91 through 100.

Detective # 772 - ( Batman Fugitive story arc)-( p)- DC
Legends of The Dark Knight # 127---131 ( P)- DC

Batman #569, 573, Detective # 740- (No Man's Land story arc) -(p)- Cover to No Man's Land collected edition-(p)-DC Comics
2 Covers to Playstation Magazine-Wolverine and Metal Gear(p+i) 2Mage Knight mini-comics-(p+i)-Idea and Design+ Wizkids.
Young Justice 80 Page Giant #1 -(p)- DC Comics
2 WildCat Pin-Up for Secret Files -(p+i),(p)- DC Comics
Teknon and The Champion Warriors -(p+i)- FamilyLife Publishers
Avengers/What If-(c)-(p)- Marvel Comics
Badlander - Dark Horse Presents #138 -(p+i+letters)- Dark Horse Comics
Super Boy Annual #4 -(p) DC Comics
Proverbs and Parables -(p+i)- New Creation
CatWoman / WildCat miniseries -(p)- DC Comics
Batman WildCat miniseries - (p)-DC Comics
Frontier Spirit - (p+i)Chuck Dixon
The Man Called A.X -(p)- DC Comics
Hunchback of Notredame -(p)- Disney World
Night Force -(p)- DC Comics
Caricatures for Impact Unlimited, private parties and various clients
Cover for Wizard Magazine in Brazil (p+i+colors)
Justice League of America Annual #2 -(p)- DC Comics
Steel & Guy Gardner Showcase 96 -(p)- DC Comics
Spawn # 51 Pin-Up -(p+i) Todd McFarlane Productions
Max Trading Card -(p+i) Wild Storm Productions
Batman Trading Card -(p) Wizard Magazine USA
Avengeline Trading Card -(p+i) Wild Storm Productions
Iron-Man #322 -back up story-(p)-Marvel Comics
War Machine Covers of Jan. & Feb 96 -(p+i) Marvel Comics
Fantastic Four Pin-Up -(p+i)_ Marvel Comics
SuperMan Pin-Up for SuperMan Gallery #1 -(p+letters)_ DC Comics
Deathstroke The Hunted (12 Issues) - DC Comics
Spiderman Annual -(p+l) Marvel Comics
Daredevil #328 -(p)- Marvel Comics
Wolverine #92 & #93 (Pencil clean-up for Adam Kubert) - Marvel Comics
X-Men #44 (Pencil clean-up for Andy Kubert) - Marvel Comics
X-Men Trading Cards (Pencil clean-up for Kubert brothers) - Marvel Comics.
Marvel Comics Presents -(p)- Marvel Comics
Daredevil Annual -(p)- Marvel Comics
Conan The Barbarian -(p+i)- Marvel Comics
Conan Pin-Up -(p+i)- Marvel Comics
HP Lovecraft's Dagon -(p+i+l)- Caliber Press

Thousands of Caricatures: Wedding Parties, Private Parties, Barmitzas, Nespapers, Mags,All over.

Frederico, The Detective: Creator Owned Comic Strip with me, myself and I-(w+p+i+l)-Diario De Pernambuco, Brazil, 1975.


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